Periodic AC cleaning is vital to improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner. Cleaning not only ensures better cooling, but also prolongs the life of your equipment. Thus, AC duct cleaning in Dubai must be part of your maintenance routine. According to several experts, dust build-up in AC ducts can decrease the efficiency of your air conditioner and lead to the accumulation of bacteria as well. Unclean AC ducts can cause several health issues for people with pre-existing conditions. This is what makes cleaning AC ducts even more important.

Dust build-up causes the unit to become inefficient and ultimately increases your energy consumption. Hence, the utility cost will be increase, and you will end up with more bills. Professional AC cleaning in Dubai done by companies such as Alenaya will ensure that your system is free of dust and well-maintained. 

Homeowners should consider air duct cleaning as an essential cleaning service. Professional air duct cleaning equipment is used to clean all duct systems, including the intake, return, and supply vents. Air duct cleaning can also include cleaning registers, grills, and fans as well as cleaning the furnace if one is available.

A variety of equipment is used by air duct cleaners, from small handheld tools to more powerful machinery. Air duct cleaners are likely to have at least one inspection tool. 

Brushes, vacuums, and other agitation tools are the most basic cleaning tools. You can clean the vents yourself with a brush and a vacuum cleaner, but it is not recommended. You can cause pollutants and debris to build up in your home. Alenaya Professionals will be able to remove them.


  • Pre-inspection
  • Air Duct Cleaning Process: Negative Pressure & Debris Removal.
  • Waste Cleaning
  • Final walk-through inspection.

You can also order additional services such as dryer vent cleaning and air duct sanitizing for the best prices. You only need to call us and make an appointment. We’ll then come out and clean your home.

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