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Alenaya is amongst the top maintenance companies in Dubai and across the UAE. We are a team of professionals, who provide reliable & affordable services.

Alenaya constantly accomplish and delivers what most customers & clients call amazing service. We achieve this by hiring and training expert technicians to our level of proficiency, which allows them to work within our code of conduct and our unique multi-level policies with safety measures.

With our successful home maintenance service company in Dubai, you may repair, fix, change, update, or recreate anything. Alenaya Dubai is a well-known house care company established in the United Arab Emirates. We are a reputable and reliable maintenance company in Dubai with extensive expertise in the area, offering a broad range of maintenance services such as air conditioning repairs, home painting, plumbing, electrical work, and civil work. To secure high-quality outcomes in all our projects, our skilled personnel are equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovative technological tools.

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Alenaya Dubai technical & maintenance company Dubai provides uncompromised quality services at a reasonable & affordable price. Our support is available 24 hours a day; 7 days a week, to assist us service our clients as quickly as possible.


  • AC Servicing Dubai
  • Electrical Services in Dubai
  • Plumbing Services Dubai
  • Handyman Services in Dubai
  • Garden Maintenance & Renovation Dubai
  • Water Tank Cleaning Service Dubai
  • Painting Service Dubai & more…..

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